Just want to jump in and add a few comments about the article. I found that it was necessary for me to use “redux”: “^ 4.0.1” otherwise I would run into lots of weird errors about Observables being incorrectly cast.

Also, if you want to use ReduxDevTools with this, we are fortunate enough to have DevToolsExtension baked right into the “@angular-redux/store” node_module.

This is the code I found to let me use it with the project we made by following Sebastian’s steps:

export class AppModule {

constructor(private ngRedux: NgRedux<IAppState>, private devTools: DevToolsExtension) {

let enhancers = [];

//TODO: comment the below if you want to use devtools…delete before production!

if( devTools.isEnabled()){

enhancers = […enhancers, devTools.enhancer()];


this.ngRedux.configureStore(rootReducer, INITIAL_STATE, [], enhancers);





is a web developer, opera singer, actor, and lover of cats. (adrian-rosales.tech)

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