Reclaim the Fight: a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate charity stream for victims of sexual-abuse

boxart for the original Super Smash Bros. (’99) on the Nintendo 64
In Super Smash Bros., no one dies, they’re literally tossed or thrown out of the ring. The feat is made easier by raising your opponent’s damage percentage with attacks.
Evolution Championship Series (EVO) 2017 at Mandalay Bay


example of the sticker packs available as raffle prizes
  • cute sticker packs made by super rock-star comic-artist Andrea Rosales (10 prizes)-$15
  • a recording of mine of a song you’d like to use for an event like a wedding/funeral/etc. **I’m a professional opera singer** (5 prizes) — $25
  • package of 3 voice lessons taught by me (5 prizes) — $50
  • a simple website or web-application developed by me for your business or whatever need you have; any subsequent costs regarding hosting or domains will be on you. (2 prizes) — $200




is a web developer, opera singer, actor, and lover of cats. (

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Adrian Rosales

Adrian Rosales

is a web developer, opera singer, actor, and lover of cats. (

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